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Jordan Shipping Association

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to our improved website which I hope you will continue to find of interest and value.

The website aims at keeping you updated on the various activities of one of the leading Jordanian institutions involved in the transportation industry of Jordan, predominantly Maritime shipping. Activities including local meetings and lectures as well as international conferences. Furthermore, the site offers news about port regulation, facilities and vessel port positions.

Chairman - Duried Mahasneh

Latest News

Year 2024 2023 Percantag Total Handling 804.872 953.923 -16% Total Import 705.603 884.404 -20% Total Export 99.269 69.519 43
Line   JAN   FEB   REMARKS HLL   Bab al Mandeb Good HOPE   Bab al Mandeb Good HOPE    الحمولات الصادره 

History Established as Shipping Agents Committee since 11th October, 1978